Litigation of child custody rights is often difficult and emotionally trying. Child custody litigation can arise during divorce or in some instances on its own.  In most custody cases, the parties must either come to an agreement that is reasonable for both their children and the parties, or an arrangement will be ordered by the Court.  Our objective is to negotiate the best possible arrangement while remaining fully prepared to present the most effective arguments and testimony should litigation become necessary.

Decisions made during child custody cases and often those made prior to the commencement of legal action will have significant impact on your family. In Pennsylvania, courts look at the best interests of the child when making child custody determinations. Our priority is protecting the interest of our client in this difficult process while ensuring the best interests of the children are brought to the forefront of the litigation.

Children often suffer during the litigation of custody matter over time spent with each parent and decision-making authority (e.g., education, medical treatment, and religion). We make every effort to assure that our client’s children do not suffer and that our clients have time with their children. We recognize our clients and their families’ needs and advocate for both.

Brandon J. Lauria, Esquire represents clients in their child custody proceedings in Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Bucks County, and Chester County.

If you are in need of an experienced, knowledgeable and intelligent child custody lawyer, do not hesitate to contact Brandon J. Lauria, Esquire. He understands that family legal issues require a level of compassion and personal attention that goes beyond that expected in other areas of law. He is prepared to offer you the level of care in your child custody case that you deserve.