One of the initial questions I receive from new clients is – Am I entitled to alimony?  Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania, whether or not a party receives alimony can entirely depend upon the county in which the action lies.  In addition to location, there is no bright line rule concerning the calculation and duration of any such awards.  Occasionally, clients will assume that they are entitled to one year of alimony for every three years of marriage – the “one-for-three” rule.  While this principle is often a fair barometer of the duration of alimony, it has never been approved nor endorsed by the Court or the legislature to be utilized on a regular basis.  In addition, some awards are often modifiable, opening the door for future modification upon showing the Court a substantial change in circumstances. It is very important when choosing a divorce lawyer that you discuss your desires concerning equitable distribution of your marital assets and alimony.

In lieu of alimony, the Court and or the parties may opt to increase the percentage of the distribution to sever financial ties of the parties.  This can be advantageous to those who wish to cohabitate and or remarry shortly after the divorce is finalized – it happens more often than you would imagine.  If these are your intentions or a foreseeable result, it is very important that you communicate your desires with your attorney at the initial consultation.  As a regular divorce practitioner in Montgomery County, Philadelphia County and the surrounding counties, being able to discuss and identify the financial ramifications of my client’s initial desires are often invaluable moving forward. After all, it is this expertise that makes choosing Brandon Lauria as your attorney, the right choice to make.

If you or a loved one would like to discuss divorce representation, please do not hesitate to contacting Brandon Lauria for a confidential phone consultation today.