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Brandon J. Lauria, Esquire

Brandon J. Lauria, Esquire is a family law practitioner with extensive experience in a wide range of family law cases including, but not limited to, divorce, support, custody and abuse matters in Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware, Bucks and Chester Counties. When you seek Mr. Lauria’s representation, you can rely on his intellect, aggressive approach, and compassion when it comes to advocating for your legal rights. His clients’ interests are paramount and Mr. Lauria will do his utmost to guide you and your family through your particular legal situation.

Mr. Lauria takes great pride in representing clients from all walks of life, and he treats each case like it is the most important one in the office. Regardless if you are the Husband or Wife, Father or Mother, you will find that our goals will be exactly the same as yours in your divorce or family law issues – we want you to succeed in all of your legal issues and best prepare you as you embark upon a new chapter in your life. For these reasons, Mr. Lauria zealously pursues the best possible outcome in each and every one of his cases.

Mr. Lauria also strives to provide personalized and attentive legal representation and is qualified to handle the most delicate family law matters. Mr. Lauria also prides himself on his ability to effectively communicate with his clients during his representation. As such, Mr. Lauria is responsive to his clients’ inquiries in a timely manner and maintains contact throughout the representation.

With almost a decade of experience, Mr. Lauria understands that your particular family law concern is probably the most pressing and important personal issue you are currently facing. That is why you will never feel like your case is not a priority. If you are searching for an aggressive and compassionate litigator to represent you in your family law matter, look no further and call Brandon J. Lauria, Esquire today.


Child Custody

Litigation of child custody rights is often difficult and emotionally trying. Child custody litigation can arise during divorce or in some instances on its own.  In most custody cases, the […]


Child Support

As part of a divorce or separation of the parties, controversy will often arise over the amount of child support payable by one party to the other. This is a […]



The dissolution of one’s marriage can often be stressful and traumatic. Brandon J. Lauria, Esquire personally understands the decision to divorce is a difficult one to make. Mr. Lauria’s personalized […]


Protection from Abuse

In Pennsylvania, a protection from abuse order (commonly referred to as a “PFA”), may be entered if there has been actual or threatened physical abuse, including the placing of another […]


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